Freelance SEO and Digital PR Expert

I’m a freelance SEO and digital PR consultant with bags of expertise and years of experience. I am available to assist your brand in building up your online presence, as well as instilling trust in your potential customers.

I do this by combining a number of techniques from SEO, digital PR and content creation to deliver noticeable and business-altering results. I can change my approach based on numerous factors such as the size of your business, objectives and focus of the campaign.

Digital PR Services

I have a wealth of experience in carrying out successful digital PR campaigns that will deliver widespread benefits to your brand. By using my carefully curated network of contacts such as journalists, influencers and industry experts, I will be able to gain backlinks to your sites in order to build up the level of authority and help it rise to the top of search engine results.

Here are just a few ways a good digital PR campaign with benefit your business:

  • Boost brand visibility
  • Build customer trust in your brand
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Grow sales on products or services
  • Improve search engine rankings

How Digital PR Can Help Your Business

As the world is rapidly heading towards digital platforms, now is the time to dedicate resources and time to fully developing your digital PR strategy. I firmly believe digital PR is something that every business should be utilising, with SEO results coming as secondary benefits - it can help your brand gain trust from potential customers as well as widespread credibility.

Through using a number of different digital PR techniques, I am able to benefit your brand in many ways, such as:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Build customer trust
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Increase customer traffic to your site

SEO Link Building Services

To work alongside a digital PR campaign, I specialise in carrying out high-quality plans in order to acquire links from other websites - this helps to increase your site authority and trustworthiness. This works to further cement your spot at the top of Google’s search results.

These services can be utilised alone within your business’ own SEO plan, but work best when combined with an overarching campaign that incorporates other elements of my expertise.

SEO Audit Services

As your SEO freelance consultant, one of the first things I will do is carry out a detailed analysis of your website to give you a comprehensive SEO audit report. This helps to plan your future campaigns to target specific areas you want to improve. This audit will include everything from how to better place your site in terms of search engine results, technical details that may be causing it to be inaccessible to all users, and content management plans to further your reach across the internet.

Choosing to work with me following this audit will mean that I have an in-depth knowledge of what you’re doing right and what your site can build upon. My expertise within the digital PR and SEO world will allow me to fully plan and implement a number of different techniques, strategies and campaigns to give your brand the boost it needs.

Making Your Site W3C Compliant

Many people are not aware of the W3C guidelines that help to make the internet accessible to everyone - if you don’t, that’s OK, you don’t need to. I’m here to ensure your websites are fully compliant with these guides to make sure your website is easily read by customers and search engines alike.

When your site meets the W3C standards, it works well for everyone regardless of their location and the technology or equipment they’re using - opening up your pool of potential customers.