Social Web Projects

Semantic Web Projects

  • Swignition — a parser for both “upper case Semantic Web” (RDF, RDFa) and “lower case semantic web” (microformats) technologies.
  • jsonGRDDL — uses JSONT linked to from JSON Schemas (or from JSON files directly) to transform JSON into RDF/JSON.
  • RDF-EASE — CSS is an external file that specifies how your document should look; RDF-EASE is an external file that specifies what your document means.
  • Named Graphs in RDFa — a proposal for expressing named graphs in RDFa. (Co-authored with Kjetil Kjernsmo.)
  • MicroTurtle — a sloppy serialisation of RDF.
    • mttlbot — a MicroTurtle parsing IRC bot.
    • mttlbot2 — an updated, modular version of mttlbot.

Other Web-Related

  • demiblog — a content management system for the modern age.
  • CSS Compiler — combines and HTML document and CSS stylesheet into a single file with inline style attributes.

Security / Privacy Related

  • TrivialEncoder.php — PHP class and command line encryption tool allowing multiple cyphers (from “toy” encodings like ROT13 and Morse Code to industry standard encryption like Triple DES and Blowfish) to be easily chained together and combined.
  • — add hidden messages into images

Other Technology-Related